Studierendenwerk Bielefeld
legal status:
institution of public law
legal basis:
Studierendenwerksgesetz NRW

task areas:
cateens and cafeterias,
public grants for students,
child care

number of employees: 470
balance sheet total 2015: 67 Mio.

street adress:
Morgenbreede 2 - 4, 33615 Bielefeld
postal adress
Postfach 102753, 33527 Bielefeld
Mail: info(at)
home: www.


Studentenwerke are the social service providers for the institutions of higher education in Germany. They offer students cheap accommodation, affordable daily meals, government grant schemes (in certain cases) and much more! There are 58 Studentenwerke in Germany ( The Studierendenwerk Bielefeld is working for the four institutions of higher education in the region of East-Westfalia; Bielefeld University is by far the largest of these institutions with more than 20,000 students.

We are charged with students' accomodation (2600 places in our residences), with the administration of public students' grants and with the running of canteens and cafeterias in the universities in the towns of Bielefeld, Minden, Lemgo, Detmold and Höxter. And we run day care centers for students' children.

The managing director and the supervisory board are our responsible authorities.

The Studierendenwerk disposes of five main sources of revenue: above all the revenues of cafeterias, canteens and rental fees. Secondly each student has to pay a social contribution each semester. Actually the amount is 83,- €. The federal Land Northrhine-Westfalia gives a fixed state grant, an allowance for the administration of students' grants and an allowance for the running of the day care centers.