Getting connected to the Internet

The following halls of residence are equipped with the Studentenwerk‘s own optical fibre-supported high-speed Ethernet for a fast receiving of internet-data, each of the residential units in these halls of residence having its own connection. Our seperate cable network enables digital television and radio stations to be received:

  • Morgenbreede 6-14, 19 – 23 and 29 – 33,
  • Universitätsstraße 11-17,
  • Jakob-Kaiser-Straße 14-16
  • Stennerstraße/Storchsbreede and
  • Wertherstraße 148.

In all our other residences you have to organize the access to the internet autonomously.

To get connected to the internet you need above all a personal account for the IT-services of the Bielefeld University, University of appl. sciences as well as for the Oberstufenkolleg and for the University of East-Westfalia/Lippe.

Having got the personal account it is neccessary to configure your computer according to the needs of our ethernet. Please make use of these instructions.

If you have problems please connect us via • Support-wh(at) Please state your telephone number and your operating system and provide a description of your problem as detailed as possible. The query can then be answered fast and correctly.