Catering from morning to evening

Small refreshments all day long

Missed dining hall lunch? Hungry again? Feel like a coffee? Need a sweet energizer? Our cafeterias are open from morning to evening for various refreshments, cakes, snacks, sweets, fruit, and, of course for coffee and coffee specialities.
The cafeterias are located in different places around the campus Bielefeld, whereas the cafeterias in Minden, Lemgo, Detmold and Höxter are located directly next to the dining hall.
Café 45 in Detmold is an additional little bistro/café on the Emilie Campus.
The cafeterias in building X, Westend Cafeteria on the main ground floor of the FH building and in the Lampingstraße all have their own daily lunch menu; to view the current menu click “dining hall menus”.

The coffee bars do not offer any lunches and are open all day for snacks, cake, sweets and hot/cold beverages. Coffee bars are located in the main university building at the former main entrance (area L, hall level and bridge), in building X (main entrance, first floor) and in the FH building.



Organic coffee

Our coffee ist bio and fairtrade quality!  In 2015, our guests consumed 15 tonnes of coffee beans!