Each dining hall has its own kitchen, where the dishes are produced daily with modern appliances. We do as many work steps as possible directly in our kitchens. When this is not possible, we buy pre-fabricated foods. So the fresh potatoes are delivered already peeled, and a part of the fresh salad ingredients arrives already cleaned and cut.
Stored food is primarily frozen - the quality is equivalent to the fresh product.
Set recipes are the basis of the daily cooking process for our chefs. The ingredients are "ordered" in advance from our own warehouse and prepared in the morning. We produce soups and stews daily according to our own recipes; guests can then choose between a meat, or vegetarian side order.
Vegetables, salads, special dishes of the day, noodle dishes, sauces, dressings and desserts are also not taken from the packet, but are freshly prepared on the spot.
Convenience products are not avoidable - as at home. Breaded pieces of meat or vegetarian patties are a typical example: they are delivered ready for frying and freshly prepared during dining hall lunchtime.