Between Euros and Star Awards: price and performance

We cook for approx. 10,000 guests per day. Most of these are students, but also many staff members and external guests enjoy our food on a regular basis. It is not our mission to cook for gourmets who, over the years, “consume the equivalent sum of a small house“  (quotation from the description of testers for Gault-Millau kitchen awards, read 19 Jan 2107). It is our aim and our wish to offer student-friendly prices! We are, however, convinced that many gourmets and foodies are amongst our paying guests. The decision of our menu planning is based on several factors: our food must be tasty, healthy, nutritious, suitable for a commercial kitchen, obtainable and, last but not least, affordable! Students pay € 2.60 for a dish of the day with one main component and a choice of 3 accompaniments. Of course the cost approach invariably dominates other aspects. And yet we do manage to cook pleasing and healthy food. Commercial catering cannot be star-awarded cooking. But, our 23 professional chefs prove that it is possible to cook a good-quality meal for more than 10,000 guests on a daily basis!