Paying with a smart card

If you use the smart cards of the universities or the Studierendenwerk you pay cashless in all our canteens and cafeterias in Bielefeld, such as the canteens of the hochschule für Musik Detmold and the university of appl. sciences in Minden. You help to reduce the waiting time at the cash points.

In the Bielefeld canteen and the canteen of the Hochschule für Musik Detmold the reduced students' or employees tarifs depend on using  a smart card!

The printing service and the entrance to the sporting area "unifit" are payed with the smart card as well.

Here we answer to frequently asked questions:

• How to get one of the cards?
• How long is the card valid?
• How do I pay with the card?
• How can I charge the card?
• Where are the charging terminals?
• Can I see my money on account?
• Payback of money in the case of return of my card?
• Where can I return the Studierendenwerks' smart card?
• What to do in the case of loss?
• What to do in the case of damage?
• What to do in the case of error indication?
• What happens with my data?
• Who answers to other questions?
Who answers to other questions?