Jakob-Kaiser-Straße 14 - 16

Where: The campus of the University and the University of Applied Science is about 1, 5 km from the residential complex away and can be reached by bicycle or by foot. A bus station is nearby and has connections to the campus. The city is about 5 minutes with the rail away. A big mall is just a few minutes away. A supermarket and a pharmacy can be reached in a few minutes (Bültmannshof). The residential complex is surrounded by green space.

What: In the so called “Punkthaus” are 105 single flats and five single or two-room apartments. Three, four or five single flats form one big flat with a community kitchen.

Furnishing: Three, four or five single rooms form a shared flat with a common kitchen. Most flats (single bedroom: 14 m², two bedroom: 30 m²) are en-suite and are furnished or semi-furnished. The two-bed-rooms have a fitted kitchen. In the building is a laundry kitchen with a washing machine and a dryer as well as community room. The two-bedroom flats also contain a kitchenette. Three, four or five single bedrooms combine to form a shared flat.

Internet: The flats have connection facilities for the communication networks Radio, Television, Telephone and - via the University's computer center - internet.

Other: The complex has a laundry kitchen with a washing machine and a dryer as well as a community room. The outdoor façade was painted by the group”Writerteam”. The paint is called “Skyline” http://www.writerteam.de/.

Rental free per person: Apartment: 184,60 € / WG-Zimmer: 259,10 - 336,30 €                                                                                       

Application: We accept your application online at www.tl1host.eu/SWBI (external link).