Morgenbreede 6, 10, 14

In total five buildings stay in close neighbourhood. Three of them are student residences and from the other two buildings each half can be rented freely and the other half are guest flats for temporary living.  The three buildings each have four storeys containing one flat with two rooms and one flat with three rooms. Each flat has a kitchen with kitchenette, balcony, bathroom (3-room-flat with additional toilet) and two small storage rooms. The bedrooms measure about 15, 14 and 16,73 m², the kitchens 15 m² or 10 m². 

Internet access via the University's computer centre as well as telephone, cable-tv and radio connections are available in every flat.

If you want to apply for a room in our residences please use our application form (external link).





Rental fee per person:
259,50 to 294,80 €

60 places in all
Occupied since 2006