Schenkendorfstraße 129

In this modernised building there are 90 places to rent in two-person flats and apartments. There are 28 small two-person flats (35 m²) with a kitchenette, a bathroom with shower, lavatory and toilet and two separate bedrooms, 12 m2 each. Seven flats (44,85 m²) are with kitchenette, bathroom with shower, lavatory and toilet and two separate bedrooms (12m² and 20m²). These apartments are unfurnished.  There are seven  furnished apartments as well: 32,33 m² or 23,23m² with kitchenette and a bathroom with shower, lavatory and toilet.
Lastly there are four barrier-free apartments (24,2 m²) and two wheelchair-accessible apartments (33m²/37m²). We rent these apartments to non-disabled students as well. In case of demand the non-disabled tenant has to renounce till the end of the semester. In this case we'll be eager to offer an alternative apartment.

The rental fee includes all additional costs except the costs for connection to the internet.

We also rent the apartments to trainees, interns and pupils as well as to quest for three months.

If you want to apply for a room please use our application form (external link).

Rental fee per person:
200,00 - 425,10 €

90 places in all
Modernised in 2010/2011